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90s Dance Music: History and Protagonists

For those who are not part of the new generation, it is understandable that sometimes they have a bit of melancholy compared to the past. The cultural air that reigned in the 90s was extremely different from the one that surrounds us and floods us today. In particular, the dance music that populated the radio and Walkman forced us to behave almost always and constantly cheerful. In this guide, we will retrace the musical history of those years together and passionately defend those who, for us, are the real protagonists of the world of music.

New Musical Productions

After a decade of dance pop, the 90’s awakened us, from the torpor, bringing back the disco music of the seventies into vogue, with appropriate changes. This was the period in which the industry invested most in the musical productions of artists and groups particularly dedicated to disco tracks. The impulse and development were so strong as to create a differentiation of discos based on the music that was chosen to be reproduced in the premises.

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In a first period, we witness the takeover of the house and techno genres; and, subsequently, Eurodance and the Euro house make their entry. The house essentially consisted in the revision and experimentation of past pieces: they were, therefore, sought after but catchy.

Artists Who Made The History

The artists who left their mark during this period were very many and, some of them, had the ability to create further sub-genres to the predominant classes. It would be impossible to make a complete list of all those who made the musical history of this era but how not to mention Snap!, Jamiroquai, Elton John, Aqua, Bob Sinclar, Spice Girls, Britney Spears. Christina Aguilera and Gigi d’Agostino, Mario Fargetta, Alexia, Article 31? Not to mention the rise of boy bands that drove teenage girls from all over the world crazy.

Currently, the nineties, in addition to passing on all the conspicuous record production, leave us as a gift the radio companies that at the time were the exclusive symbol of the new sound range.

In short, the world was preparing to welcome the new century in the best way it could and to greet 1900 in the same way. And the premises that accompanied him were more than excellent!

If we want to deepen the subject, we just have to listen to a lot of 90s dance music.