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The Legendary 90’s Music

If the 90’s music could be described, only one adjective would be enough: UNFORGETTABLE.

And the music is the main protagonist of this decade, the first woman, the only one to leave indelible memories. The same music that we first experienced, criticized and then regretted.

Who has never traveled with the mind listening to songs of that era, who has never dreamed of going back in time and finding yourself dancing in the most famous clubs of that time or in a stadium during a rock concert!

The 90’s really left us a precious musical legacy. It is in this period that pop icons explode, grunge, metal, britpop, electronics, techno, house and above all her, the undisputed queen: The DANCE MUSIC.

The DJ Time Was Born

It is the radios that bring the groups of the moment to the fore, while the DJs churn out mixed productions, volume and timbre born from different instruments, previously recorded on digital or analog support. Thus was born, the “deejay time” from mother Radio DEEJAY, frequency 96.7 that every Saturday evening at 9 pm broadcast the most famous hits and ballads in the major national and international discos. Impossible not to remember deejay Albertino who made his debut with the slang “PIAAAAAAAAAACCCCC !!!.

However, 1994 is the most productive year from a recording point of view, Elton john, La Bouche and Dr Alban are contaminated by the phenomenon of Eurodance and at the same time artists like Corona and Alexia conquer the European market in a few months with the sale of their records, even if, the most popular song and symbol of music dance is “Rhythm is a dancer” by Snap!. Probably we could talk about the most beautiful song of those times because the list of pearls branded “’90” is really endless; the choice is really difficult because there is no piece of those years that is not part of our DNA.

Boy Band Phenomenon

In this decade the Boy Band phenomenon also explodes, how can we forget the Backstreet Boys, Take That and the crazy Spice Girls, which few have created hits after hits. Meanwhile talents such as Max Pezzali grew up in 883, Jovanotti, J-ax, and in the evening they sang in the squares together with Fiorello and his Karaoke!

The music nineties is heard around the world, increased without limit record companies, especially in the field of music dance, a new style music features a unique sound that brought millions of kids to dance from their home’s rooms to dance clubs frequented by cities.

There are also groups and singers who have climbed the peaks of all the charts with their songs but have not managed to confirm themselves over time with other songs, we remember for example Anggun first with “Snow on the Sahara” and then together with Litfiba in “The imagined love”, follow the Gazosa, the Aqua, Luo Bega and many others.

Dance was the evolution of the millennium! We who grew up on bread, Nutella and Walkman in our ears. Dear kids of today, the music of the 90s created 90s pieces, songs and compilations that are still sold and listened to today. There are those who remix them, those who create covers, but it’s always about those melodies. Times will change, but the music that accompanied us during that beautiful period and above all the 90s dance is like the first love: they will NEVER FORGET.