When you hear the term techno in the 90s, what comes to mind? Many might say techno because of the heavy music that is made with techno beats, but this is not always the case. In fact, when you look at some of the younger people who are into music and making it, they are not even listening to techno. What techno in the 90s was a movement, where people were trying to incorporate different sounds and beats into what they were listening to. Now, it is just being mainstream, and that is not always a bad thing.

Changes In The Techno Scene

One of the best things about the techno scene in the early years is that you would see a DJ at any party that would play different types of music. You would hear a techno DJ spinning numbers from the era of rave through to rap. The DJ’s of that time would mix these genres up and make something that everyone could enjoy. It was the sound of the people growing up before techno and computers, and it is still that feeling today.

A DJ at that time might have been someone who had a laptop and he or she would be playing techno or some other type of electronic music to set the mood. Now, the laptop has been taken and computer games and MP3’s are taking over the world. So, you can see why the techno scene in the early days was not as big as it is today. People are still into what their parents would have listened to, but now they are mixing it up with modern music. It is interesting to see how electronic music has changed and you may never look back and see the influence of the techno scene in the real world.

With the introduction of the internet more people are starting to become involved in what is known as the cyber-hip hop world, or more commonly known as online beat making. There are many sites on the Internet where aspiring producers can learn how to create their own exclusive styles of techno that are distinct from others. By using professional software you can lay down your own unique sound, which can then be edited by expert DJ’s with a great deal of experience in the field. Many producers spend countless hours producing the perfect bass drum, snare, hi hat, kick drum, cymbals, cycad, and every other essential component of a good techno track.


A large proportion of techno artists work from samples, re-amping old vinyl records, and using modern digital equipment such as samplers, keyboards and drum machines. Other artists work with the style of music uses such as future dance, house, pop, alternative, as well as breakcore. It is very popular with producers from all genres nowadays, as it brings out the creative side of most people. Therefore , it is important to remember that there are many different ways in which techno can be enjoyed and incorporated into other types of music.