Music streaming has become a more popular means of listening to music than traditional music downloads because it is easier and less expensive to acquire the content. Many listeners prefer music streaming over purchasing new albums because it is easier on the pocket. With subscription services such as Spotify, Napster, Rhapsody and others, listeners are required to pay a monthly fee that can range from free to a few dollars for each download of a specific category of songs. The price also depends on the frequency and length of usage. Unfortunately this type of music consumption is simply just not as beneficial for artists who publish music on these platforms.

What Streaming Services Are Available?

Spotify is currently the world’s largest music streaming service by volume of subscribers. Users of this service just have to sign up to have unlimited access to one of the largest-ever musical catalogs of music in existence, plus many podcasts, and assorted other audio files. Other services like Rhapsody offer similar music streaming features, while other services provide music videos for certain categories of music and radio programs. Pandora is a smaller, free service for music lovers. While it does not boast the same catalog of music or podcasting capabilities of its competitors, it provides many music videos and radio programs for music buffs. This is great for finding some of the best bands around.

Another option for music streaming is to listen to music online. An increasing number of internet users choose to listen to music streaming via websites that allow them to stream music through their browsers without having to pay anything per song or album. Popular websites that allow users to do this include Shazam, TuneCore, YouTube and Band camp. With millions of tracks available online, music lovers can enjoy music videos for all their favourite music groups and artists.

Other Ways To Enjoy Music

Mobile phone technology also allows music enthusiasts to enjoy music wherever they go. Phones equipped with music players give music buffs the ability to listen to music anywhere at any time. These phones, with Bluetooth technology, also allow the users to share their favorite music through MMS (short for multi-media messaging) applications. Music enthusiasts can also carry portable music players such as the iPod Touch and iPhone, which have built-in music capabilities. These gadgets are a perfect gift for music buffs.

Finally, internet users can enjoy music online by listening to music concerts through subscription services. This type of service requires users to pay a one-time fee as opposed to monthly subscriptions that most music concerts offer. Subscription services usually offer unlimited access to live music concerts for a specified period of time, although users may be able to switch from one music concert to another if they wish. The fee usually costs three to four dollars per month. Music concerts are a great way for fans to relax, have fun and meet other music enthusiasts.


To sum up, music streaming can be enjoyed by music enthusiasts of all ages. With internet usage on the rise, it has become easier to access music online and listen to it on the go. Music lovers who enjoy traveling and staying in tune with world music can now do so without having to worry about missing their favorite music concerts. It is a win-win situation for all!